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 Welcome to Biti   mALL
1. The company was Created in 2019 , products come from: Taiwan, China, U.S, Japan, South Korea, Europe and Thailand.

2.   Product categories: food, daily necessities, makeup, skin care products, fashion clothing, brand-name boutiques, and limited edition products. 

3.   International shipping charges have been reduced, and the billing method will be noted on the checkout page. (Postage receipt enclosed)

4.   The package needs to be signed by a dedicated person to ensure delivery, otherwise a refund will be issued. (Excludes: returned without a signature)

5.  Provide customized purchasing services in Taiwan:
Retail stores, drugstores, health insurance pharmacies, alcohol and tobacco sales bureaus, convenience stores, bookstores, Baodao contact lenses.

6.   The selling price will be adjusted according to the exchange rate, and the products will be updated and removed from the shelves from time to time, and no further announcement will be made.

7.   Each order will be photographed before shipment. If damage occurs during delivery, please take a photo and contact customer service, who will handle it for you immediately.

8.   After the package is sent, the system will provide the mail number and keep track of the delivery progress.

※If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, please click ->   Contact Customer Service